We are the pioneers of solar development, working to provide clean energy at an affordable price.

We at Pinnacle Solar strive for 100% customer satisfaction and commitment to the highest quality of service. We take pride in our high-quality products, installed with care by professionals who know what they’re doing!


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Pinnacle Solar not only offers high-quality solar equipment, our Clean Energy Council accredited installers will come to your house to install your solar. Your home is our priority and we take pride in knowing that each system installed by us exceeds industry standards. 

Maintenance / Service

We are your after-sale technical Support.

After Pinnacle Solar installs your solar equipment, we provide assistance for those in need of maintenance. Although our high-quality solar panels require very little maintenance, regular check-ups will ensure that your panel systems are operating safely, correctly and efficiently. 



Free quote

At Pinnacle Solar, we ensure our customers are satisfied from the very beginning. Providing a free quote is how Pinnacle Solar achieves this. A free quote is beneficial for the consumer as it will establish a minimum base rate, ensures the customer is receiving what they desire and provides valuable feedback for the customer. 


Solar Location

Installing solar panels at home is a great way to cut down on electricity costs, but there are some things you should consider before doing so. First of all the location where these installations will be made has an effect- they’re typically placed on top of roof’s facing south which will attract the most sunlight.


Installation Process

After we have approved the location and design of your solar system, our Clean Energy Council accredited professionals at Pinnacle Solar will come to your home to install and connect your solar panels. Depending on the size and complexity of the solar system, we will have your system installed within 2-4 weeks. 

Maintenance / Service

Undertaking regular maintenance on your solar panel system ensures that it is operating safely, correctly and efficiently. Over time dust and debris build up can compromise the performance of a system while water seepage or damage caused by hail are just some examples of uncontrollable weather damages that may occur overtime. 

Keeping your solar panels up-to date with routine maintenance will ensure they are safe for everyone living on the premises, as well as electrical workers who work on distributing electricity. Routine checks also help maximize savings when it comes to paying power bills as you will avoid any major issues from occurring.

Maintaining your solar panel system involves much more than just cleaning your solar panels. Regular maintenance ensure:

  • Solar panels, vents and switches are clean, secure and free of defects.
  • No parts have deteriorated/corroded.
  • Wiring is not damaged.
  • Electrical checks to ensure all components are operating as intended.
  • Ensuring emergency procedures for shutdown and isolation are clearly displayed.
Looking for Inspiration?

Our team are proud to admit that we have installed a variety of different solar panels varying in size and complexity.

Electrical Services

Switchboard and LED Upgrades

Pinnacle Solar also offers other electrical services to ensure the safety of your home.

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Solar and Electrical Services


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