Pinnacle Solar has an experienced and licensed team of electricians to help you maintain your electrical needs.

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Our team of qualified electricians offer a full range of electrical services. Whether you need routine maintenance or an upgrade, we have the expertise necessary for each type of service at an affordable price!

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Switchboard Upgrades

Is your switchboard playing up? We are here to ensure your home is safe.

Your switchboard is the control panel of your home’s electrical wiring. If it has been years since your last upgrade, I would definitely consider getting a check-up to ensure the safety of your home. The team at Pinnacle Solar are more than happy to update and improve your existing switchboard. 

Led Upgrades

We are here to update your dim or blown lights.

Are you experiencing dim or blown light bulbs? If so, the professional electricians at Pinnacle Solar can resolve these issues with our high quality equipment. This will allow us to provide you with a higher performing lighting system to safely light up your home. Save money on your power bills with an led upgrade!





Switchboard Upgrade

Your home’s electrical wiring is a complicated system that requires special care and attention to keep it functioning at its best. If you have been noticing some issues with your switchboard, then there are many reasons why upgrading could be beneficial for you!


Short Circuits

Older switchboards have a greater propensity to short-circuit, meaning that there is risk of both fires and electric shocks. If your current one still uses replaceable wires on the fuses, it may need replacing.


Insufficient Power Supply

It is important that your switchboard is capable of supplying electricity towards your air-conditioning, kitchens and home equipment or your power may trip and lights could flicker or blow. 


Safety Switch

The newer switchboards not only prevent electrical accidents but they also detect them before they happen, giving you peace of mind knowing that your home is safe from harmful voltage fluctuations.

  • New Board

  • New Board Back

  • New Board Front

  • New Build

  • Renovation

  • New Board

  • New Board Back

  • New Build

  • Renovation

  • New Build

Led Upgrades

Pinnacle Solar carries a wide variety of LED lights to ensure that your lighting creates a great atmosphere while staying cost efficient. When upgrading your LED’s, we will perform a safety check on your existing lights, repair and conduct maintenance where necessary.

Why Switch to LED Lights?

  • Energy Consumption Savings: LED lights are a significant energy saver. They consume 80 percent less electricity and provide greater visibility in dimly lit spaces like kitchens or hallways, making them ideal for use at home.
  • Longer Life: LED lights are a long-lasting, cost effective alternative to other light bulbs. Although they initially cost more per bulb, they generally last over 20,000 hours. This means you’ll be saving money on your electricity bill overall.

LED Colour Options:

  • Warm White: This colour option is similar to yellow hue lights. They create a softer, cosier atmosphere.
  • Cool White: This colour option is brighter and cooler than the colour warm white, perfect for kitchens.
  • Daylight White: This colour option is a cool-toned, bright light. This could be used for bathrooms and vanities.
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